During my holiday in the beautiful Cape Town one day I had a walk at V& A  Waterfront one of my fav places there and saw an interesting band playing in the middle of the square. The music caught my attention and their interesting charismatic look. Luckly I had my  burgundy beast  with me and decided to do some photos during their performance. After some time the saxophonist started talking to me and asked if I could do some individual shots. As the band ended their performance we moved to another Waterfront location. There are many interesting areas their to take pictures. I was very pleased with the results and so is the band even that it was very quick, very spontaneous shoot.Here is few of the pictures I took  🙂
Saxophonist Kirya Kuti
Here is Some links you can check  their work :
Great memories of the beautiful Day in Cape Town and ofcourse couldnt do without poloraid….. here is one of V&A Waterfront 🙂
With Love Domi xx


Helooo world !!!
Just a little story about the shoot with the  wonderful fashion designer Maja Kotecka from Poland . Maja graduate the Academy of fine art in Łódź, Poland.
In Fashion she value above all the unique simplicity, minimalism in form and femininity.
I have  met Maja on the occasion when she was doing  dress for my friend.
I immediately liked her beautiful creations, we talked about fashion and so came the idea for my unique dress which I had also occasion to model with  🙂
After that  we  came with  the idea of photoshoot for her dresses collection.
I was very excited about that. We had 13 dresses to shoot and the  photoshoot  took place in the studio where Maja creating her amazing work.  I have used all the natural light. We had very long but productive day and we came with realy amazing results. Here is few examples of her wedding collection  🙂

Also few other dresses

funky dyptych

Not forgetting couple polaroids  🙂


I was very Happy with the experience and collaboration with Maja and the model Ania  and we def gonna do more work together in the future.

If you Like to see more of her work or order any dress please visit her website :




DIKANDA – straight to the soul

Heloooo World  !!!

Sooo a little story….during my last visit to my hometown Łódź , I had the chance to go to Dikanda’s concert. I admit that I did not know this band before, but my friend has been a fan of this band for a long time, and so I found myself on their concert. Of course I decided to take a camera with me.

 I was very positively surprised  and It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever had in my life. such a Wonderful sound. Dikanda music is penetrating deep into the soul and in addition, .Crazy energy and charismatic voices of the singers capture the wild dance.  Dikanda music is a mix of different styles from traditional folks sounds , orient, Balkans through Israel , India and Africa. All that make realy original sound..

The group was founded in 1997 in Szczecin in Poland . Dikanda is one of the African dialects stands for family and so they Looked on the stage .

I manager to take few pictures of the band which im very proud of 🙂

So if You have a Chance go and see those guyys they AMAZING !!! 🙂

Here is  me with   Dikanda  🙂

Me & my friend & selfie


One of my favs songs they have played  🙂

Here is the link to their website you can visit and check their tour







I was invited on a trip to Vienna by two Amazing and creative photographers Eddie Cheng and Ray Liu to  take part in the polaroid  competition. The idea was based on the Top Gear and I have been playing the role of Sabine Schmit coming as a guest.  Each of us could only use 4 packet of film but the amount of polaroid cameras we could use was unlimited. I was using Spectra and Polaroid 600. At the end of the day everybody had to choose the 16 best Polaroid and to present to the rest of the ratings.

We flew to Vienna in the morning we left our luggage at the hotel and we left the city, we spent all day on the streets of vienna searching for interesting places for ouer polaroids. It was tireing day but such an Amazing experience :)We also went to visit Prater at the very late evening when noone was there.It Looked amazing  I took this phone pic there.


Vienna’s historic downtown is remarkable for its harmonious coexistence of traditional and modern architecture: here historic buildings and contemporary structures blend together to create an impressive, inimitable cityscape. A good example of this is the Gothic St. Stephens Cathedral , which directly faces the modern, glass-and-steel Haas Haus building.

At the evening  after whole day walking and shooting polaroids  we went to the traditional Vienna pub and had the best and the  biggets Schnitzel in my Life , not mention the very  tasty local Ottakringer  beer.


The next day the contest took place in SUPERSENSE  shop. I managed to get  second place and the first when the judgment took place by  an independent person. I was very pleased with the results and we all did it well !!  Supersense is the next place worth visiting in Vienna … tasty and large breakfast and a shop in which you will find various models Polaroids, accessories, films etc.


My 16 🙂


Overall Fantastic Trip and great Experience !! I was realy pleased and honoured to spend that day with Eddie and Ray! And ofcourse nice to see Vienna too, realy interesting City….. Here is also a Liitle video from ouer trip 🙂














Heyy Everyone !!

Welcome to my blog !!!As it is my first post i decided to write a little bit about my hometown Łódź which is an amazing City in Poland with a lot of potential and very artistic atmosphere.

Łódź is the largest cities in Poland, which from the beggining of the 19th century was known for its industry- the former of textile empire.Today is a city of modern technologies, creative enterprises and grand events.It is a metropolis where a landscape of industrial architecture mixes with silhouttes of office buildings, production halls,culture and sport buildings.This is why I Love photographing in Łódź and  the variety of those buildings fascinated me very much 🙂 Postindustrial areas become a space for new festivals, centers, ateliers, boutiques, studios and original clubs.

One of my favourties post -industrial areas with restaurants and some shops which sell arts and crafts is OFF PIOTRKOWSKA. Another thing which is definetly worth seeing there are stunning mural paintings  created by artist from all over the world . One of my favourite architecture shoot i took it there .

Manufaktura is my another favourite place in Łódź .A few years back architects and designers brought back to life hitorical industrial complex of Izrael Poznański and changed into a modern trade and entertainment cenre. I Love visiting places, great restaurants arround that area and there is always something interesting going on there : concerts, art exhibitions, fashion shows and many others. Here is a  couple of shoots i took it there


One of the most famous and world respected polish film directors Krzysztof Kieślowski made a documentary which explores the changing faces of the Old Polish City of Lodz and shows how its modernization, both physically and culturally affects the older, more conservative residents, many of whom lived through World War and are confused and somewhat resentful at the changes they ae seeing .Amaizng portraits and ordinary scenes from the factory  showed in that  documentary by Kieślowski .Definetly worth seeing it !

There is Lots of others Amazing places I Love visiting and photograph while im in Łódź  like : Pasaż Róży, Księży Młyn , EC1 etc. but thats a subject for another post. Whenever Im coming back to Łódź i always find new place which fascinated me, that City is neverending surprise and forever in my heart !!!!