About Dominika

We all hide behind a mask to avoid opening up our souls to the world. Behind the mask lies the true face that betrays, in the moment, our transient vulnerabilities, anxieties, hopes and joy. As a photographer with a deep insight into humanity Dominika seeks to reveal the faces behind the masks. She connects with the people in front of her camera lens, establishing the trust necessary to let slip the mask. Dominika seeks out subjects of character and charm. Her empathetic photographs of the young and old, from all walks of life, disclose the inner emotions.

Dominika is equally comfortable either side of a camera lens. As a model she is able to project her feelings, breathing life into the stillness of a photograph.

Dominika started catwalk modelling in Poland in 2005, continuing after moving to the UK in 2007. Success and experience in modelling together with the foundation provided by study and practice of expressive painting, has helped Dominika develop a deep and instinctive understanding of composition and form, which now graces her photography. This is particularly evident in the way Dominika naturally places her human subjects in relation to the background, and chooses viewpoints and angles to render power and dynamism to the photograph. Her compositional eye, soul and feeling for the subject are evident whenever she picks up a camera.

Dominika’s urban landscapes reveal the art behind modern architecture showing the geometrical rhythm and effortless flow of lines and curves, reflections of light and the spaces beyond. She continues to explore the bounds and possibilities of photography with a particular interest in the use of Polaroid film.

Dominika experienced childhood in Poland during the communist era and through the transitional times at the end of the cold war. She treasures the old Russian Fed4 camera inherited from an inspirational father who first nurtured his daughter’s interest in photography. Graduating with degrees in Education and Social Sciences from the University of Lodz, Dominika developed the strong awareness of human emotions and inner character that so informs her photography.

Embracing the opportunity to travel Dominika has photographed people and urban landscapes from places as diverse as China, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Spain, UK and her native Poland.

Dominika’s current photographic exhibition “Behind the Masks” was hosted in Lodz, Poland in October 2016 .

Publications :

Dominika have  been featured in  the article at :

Photoshoot Magazine Issue 9
Elusive Dreams Magazine Issue No.1
Dominika’s work have been Pre selected for Royal Scotish Academy Exhibition