Matt Pryce :

I first met Dominika when she joined as co-photograher on an urban shoot. What she brought along with her was far more than just another camera.

Dominika brought with her, her imagination which meant finding unique spots to create images in otherwise ordinary spaces which added a completely new dimension to the shoot.

The other special thing that Dominika brings is her smile which is not to be underestimated. This immediately transcended into the mood on the shoot meaning that the photos taken were truly natural like never seen before.

The evening itself involved a tour across three very different locations within the city with Dominika both capturing a variety very striking and emotively powerful images..

Working with Dominika was a great experience and the amazing thing is that she shares my enthusiasm to work together again

Rakibul Chowdhury :

Dominika is a great person and she create friendship with her camera and model to get the best out. I have an opportunity to work with her, and she created some of by best work while we are having fun, she is so down to earth and same time so focus on her creativity, she does not stop until the best shot execute by her camera. Also she is a great stylist so she manage the best look within a model wardrobe by arranging them accordingly, her lighting skills are on point , Dominika get the best expression out of a model and mostly she does know how to use people beautiful natural look. A  talented lady with amazing creativity proud to call my friend . Good luck my dear i know you will be going so far with this!  Raki xx

Emily Chew :

Dom is a friendly, easy going person yet professional when it comes to taking good pictures. I love the beautiful pictures that she captured and created. Looking forward to more opportunities to work together in the near future. A very talented photographer indeed.


Leah Axl Bayle :

Dom is a truly talented photographer, her work just keeps getting better and her emotive portraits are some of the best I have seen. Fab to work with and an even better friend . Recommend her highly!

Jennifer Rachael Alice Winwood :

Dom is a wonderful photographer, I have had two shoots with her now, the last one which was a few weeks ago.

She has such a creative eye, working with the light and various angles to capture the image – her passion of photography is also evident when you work with her.

Dom is really friendly, chatty and an absolute pleasure to work with, I know we will shoot together again.

Jen x

Carrie Michele Barton:

I had the pleasure of working with this wonderful lady on the weekend. The shoot went great and I felt comfortable right form the start. It was a bit cold working locations in February but we persevered and my gosh I am soo glad we did!

Dominika’s eye for composition is fantastic and from the images I have seen so far I am in ore. It is hard to believe she is new to photography. Definitely a natural.

Recommended highly!

Seriously if you have the chance to shoot with Dom DO IT! You won’t regret it! You will only regret it if you don’t shoot!

I thoroughly enjoyed our shoot and cannot wait until we have the chance to work together again Smile

What a wonderful, fantastic and amazing photographer!

Thank you for a lovely day Dominika! I am still buzzing now !

Matt Ward:

We’d been talking about shooting for a little while and finally got our act together. Domi is a lovely relaxed person to work with and takes some epic shots.

She is learning very fast and has a great eye for composition, great ideas and is really good with the camera

We worked our way round a few locations local to her in Bristol and had a great laugh in the process, thanks for the lovely donuts!

I would recommend Dominika she’s definitely going to be one to watch!

Kas Mason :

I had the great pleasure of working with Dom during a photography holiday to Scotland. Dom has a terrific eye and talent for really “natural” feeling images. She is chatty and fun and so easy to work with. Dom gives great direction, to get the image she’s after – and thinks outside the ‘standard’ sorts of poses to get something special. I’m really looking forward to working with her again soon! XXX