During my holiday in the beautiful Cape Town one day I had a walk at V& A  Waterfront one of my fav places there and saw an interesting band playing in the middle of the square. The music caught my attention and their interesting charismatic look. Luckly I had my  burgundy beast  with me and decided to do some photos during their performance. After some time the saxophonist started talking to me and asked if I could do some individual shots. As the band ended their performance we moved to another Waterfront location. There are many interesting areas their to take pictures. I was very pleased with the results and so is the band even that it was very quick, very spontaneous shoot.Here is few of the pictures I took  🙂
Saxophonist Kirya Kuti
Here is Some links you can check  their work :
Great memories of the beautiful Day in Cape Town and ofcourse couldnt do without poloraid….. here is one of V&A Waterfront 🙂
With Love Domi xx

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