I was invited on a trip to Vienna by two Amazing and creative photographers Eddie Cheng and Ray Liu to  take part in the polaroid  competition. The idea was based on the Top Gear and I have been playing the role of Sabine Schmit coming as a guest.  Each of us could only use 4 packet of film but the amount of polaroid cameras we could use was unlimited. I was using Spectra and Polaroid 600. At the end of the day everybody had to choose the 16 best Polaroid and to present to the rest of the ratings.

We flew to Vienna in the morning we left our luggage at the hotel and we left the city, we spent all day on the streets of vienna searching for interesting places for ouer polaroids. It was tireing day but such an Amazing experience :)We also went to visit Prater at the very late evening when noone was there.It Looked amazing  I took this phone pic there.


Vienna’s historic downtown is remarkable for its harmonious coexistence of traditional and modern architecture: here historic buildings and contemporary structures blend together to create an impressive, inimitable cityscape. A good example of this is the Gothic St. Stephens Cathedral , which directly faces the modern, glass-and-steel Haas Haus building.

At the evening  after whole day walking and shooting polaroids  we went to the traditional Vienna pub and had the best and the  biggets Schnitzel in my Life , not mention the very  tasty local Ottakringer  beer.


The next day the contest took place in SUPERSENSE  shop. I managed to get  second place and the first when the judgment took place by  an independent person. I was very pleased with the results and we all did it well !!  Supersense is the next place worth visiting in Vienna … tasty and large breakfast and a shop in which you will find various models Polaroids, accessories, films etc.


My 16 🙂


Overall Fantastic Trip and great Experience !! I was realy pleased and honoured to spend that day with Eddie and Ray! And ofcourse nice to see Vienna too, realy interesting City….. Here is also a Liitle video from ouer trip 🙂














  1. What a great experience! Lovely photos, too. I wish I could zoom or make the photos bigger! 😉 BTW, ever tried the Polaroid Snap Touch? Just got one, and I love that I can print photos instantly and save the same photos in an SD card.

    1. Heyy Carla !!! Thank You soo much for comment and kind words 🙂 No i havent used snap touch , i use snap seed … Btw. I juts made the photos bigger, much better 🙂

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