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Welcome to my blog !!!As it is my first post i decided to write a little bit about my hometown Łódź which is an amazing City in Poland with a lot of potential and very artistic atmosphere.

Łódź is the largest cities in Poland, which from the beggining of the 19th century was known for its industry- the former of textile empire.Today is a city of modern technologies, creative enterprises and grand events.It is a metropolis where a landscape of industrial architecture mixes with silhouttes of office buildings, production halls,culture and sport buildings.This is why I Love photographing in Łódź and  the variety of those buildings fascinated me very much 🙂 Postindustrial areas become a space for new festivals, centers, ateliers, boutiques, studios and original clubs.

One of my favourties post -industrial areas with restaurants and some shops which sell arts and crafts is OFF PIOTRKOWSKA. Another thing which is definetly worth seeing there are stunning mural paintings  created by artist from all over the world . One of my favourite architecture shoot i took it there .

Manufaktura is my another favourite place in Łódź .A few years back architects and designers brought back to life hitorical industrial complex of Izrael Poznański and changed into a modern trade and entertainment cenre. I Love visiting places, great restaurants arround that area and there is always something interesting going on there : concerts, art exhibitions, fashion shows and many others. Here is a  couple of shoots i took it there


One of the most famous and world respected polish film directors Krzysztof Kieślowski made a documentary which explores the changing faces of the Old Polish City of Lodz and shows how its modernization, both physically and culturally affects the older, more conservative residents, many of whom lived through World War and are confused and somewhat resentful at the changes they ae seeing .Amaizng portraits and ordinary scenes from the factory  showed in that  documentary by Kieślowski .Definetly worth seeing it !

There is Lots of others Amazing places I Love visiting and photograph while im in Łódź  like : Pasaż Róży, Księży Młyn , EC1 etc. but thats a subject for another post. Whenever Im coming back to Łódź i always find new place which fascinated me, that City is neverending surprise and forever in my heart !!!!































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